Coats or Crackers?

My clients responses to this years Food Bank Donation - in lieu of Corporate Gifts - has been fantastic!

I want to say โ€œTHANK YOU!โ€ (you know who you are *taps side of nose with finger*)

By supporting my decision to donate to the Food Bank, you have proved (though it was never in doubt!) that you are all lovely folks and I am absolutely delighted to know you :-)

So far Iโ€™ve been buying โ€œtwo of eachโ€ for my family Christmas dinner, paxo โ€“ check, gravy granules โ€“ check, Christmas cake โ€“ check, mince pies โ€“ check, Christmas pudding โ€“ check. Looks a bit heavy on the sugar front at the moment (well it IS Christmas ;-), as the veg and meat will have to wait till the last minute for maximum freshnessโ€ฆ

On it says they need coats โ€“ so my lovely husband has had a clothes clear out, and thereโ€™s a couple of warm mens fleeces to add to the food โ€“ heโ€™s awesome โ€“ thanks Justin!

Spread the word using #giveachristmasdinner - you can make the world a bit better, and if everyone does a little bit - we can achieve great things!

Check back for updates - Happy Christmas :-)