Hot Topic - Corporate Pressie or Donate?...

It's been quite a discussion across the country, do we give corporate Christmas presents to our clients, or donate the money to a good cause on their behalf?

One pot of money - two very different outcomes...

Will you give Presents or Paxo?.....  #giveachristmasdinner

Will you give Presents or Paxo?.....  #giveachristmasdinner

The present would show the client that they are valued, and will make them happy. Fab. Job done. Pass the mince pies ;-)

Perhaps the money could work a little harder though? Rather than going straight into the hamper shop coffers... (who I'm sure are lovely folks though!)

Lets cut to the chase - would the client feel the same? The short answer is "No". Of course not. 

The feelings would now also include that super fluffy warm fuzzy one - that I can't really quantify. They just helped without lifting finger. A REAL person, animal or whole community will benefit. NOW. It restores your faith in human nature to think that there are good people out there, doing good things for others in crisis.

Helping others is hardwired into our brains, and crucially - makes us feel reeeeeeally good! It's an evolutionary species survival technique, so here's a bit of science to back me up... 

"oxytocin is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter - moderating our feelings of well-being. Being kind to others and spending time with loved ones stimulates oxytocin. Oxytocin is often called “the love hormone.” 

With all of this in mind, I've come to a decision - bet you can't guess eh?! Yup, you can read me like a book - the presents got the push.

There are more good causes that deserve money than I could possibly help, or even list - so I'm not going to. I've decided that my local Food Bank ( will benefit. My work has taken me in a couple of times in recent months, and they do an incredible job on VERY limited funds. I feel terrible that there are families who need this kind of fundamental day to day support in our "developed" country. I'm sure the reasons and events that have brought them to the service are different in each case - but it's a scary fact that if the rent is due and you loose your job - you still need to feed your kids. We are back to that one pot of money again...

There's a list on their site of "current shortages" and Christmas dinner supplies are on it. So, as well as some of the other things - I'm going to give a Christmas dinner :-) I'm buying two of everything that me and my family will be enjoying - two chickens (er, we’re not so keen on turkey... soz! Oh and it seems that fresh or frozen chicken breasts are easier to store than whole birds or other meats – duly noted!), two stuffing mixes, two lots of fresh veg - oh you get the idea - and taking it all down to their Huddersfield HQ on Lord Street by their deadline of December the 22nd. They need a bit of time to make sure the right things go to the appropriate people before they close on the afternoon of Christmas Eve – not every one likes the humble sprout ;-)

My kids are going to come and help deliver it too - I think it's important to help them understand the power a little kindness can have. I'm by no means wealthy, but my kids have a safe warm bed to sleep in and food on the table. There are people in my town who don't.

Sooo - can you maybe #giveachristmasdinner? Not necessarily the whole shebang - just a box of mince pies or some gravy granules dropped into one of your local food banks supermarket collection points would be brilliant. Just think, if every shopper gave one thing - great things could happen! 

Please spread the word, share and like this post, tweet using #giveachristmasdinner and lets make the world just a little bit better :-)

I’d love to hear your thoughts - I'm getting that warm fuzzy feeling already - are you?...