Christmas and New Year Wishes


You didn’t receive a card from me this year - nobody did - and that's a good thing - honestly!

I really do value all my clients and friends - and I hope you’ll agree with my decision to use the money I would have spent on Cards and Stamps to buy food for the Food Bank instead. They need it more than we do. It’s one of the very many worthy causes that need help all year round, and its close to my heart.

I went to the supermarket to buy all the things they have on their Christmas Wish list and as much of the Shortage List as I could with some tasty Christmas dinner treats thrown in too. If you follow me on Twitter @nexpo1, you might have already seen the quick pic of the full trolley. 

My kids accompanied me, just like they did last year, I feel its really important to help them understand the true meaning of Christmas - Peace, Love and Goodwill to All. It’s not just presents under the tree. The people who need Food Banks are in a desperate position, and at this time of year it’s more important than ever to show them that people care.

Strangers care.

You care.

This is on your behalf as much as mine.

Thank you. 

I truly hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, a great New Year - and here’s to a totally fantastic 2017!

Take care and chat soon,


Heather Magner

Northern Exposure Photography

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