Leeds Headshots

I HATE my Photo Being Taken!

"I look AWFUL     on photos!"

"I HATE my photo   being taken!"

"I ALWAYS close my eyes!"

I hear this all the time, most people I raise the camera to say one or more of these beauties – it’s amazing!

Now the weird thing is that they are never right - they look good, they enjoy it and their eyes are bright :-)

Thats because I can help. We have a quick chat, I give them some tips, I shoot a few frames and show them how good they look on the back of the camera.

It’s not Rocket Science or Magic, it’s just what I love doing. Those initial negative comments quickly become:

Hey – I look GOOD!
Look at ME!

A lovely middle-aged lady recently said:

"that’s the BEST photo I’ve ever seen of myself – thank you so much!" 

WOW - what a brilliant compliment! That's another reason why I really love taking photos :-)

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